Hills District Tennis Association

HDTA Competition Rules

Hills District Tennis Association Code of Conduct

1. Honour the sport

1.1. Act within the rule and spirit of tennis

1.2  Promote fair play over winning at any cost

1.3 Respect and abide by the decision of officials and administrators

1.4 Show respect and courtesy to all involved in tennis

1.5 Display responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol and other drugs

2. Personal integrity

2.1 Act with honesty, integrity and objectivity and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions

2.2 Ensure your decisions, words and actions towards the club and club members, contribute to a harassment-free environment

3. Respect and conduct towards other club members and officials

3.1 Respect the right and worth of every person, other players, and officials – on and off the courts, regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality, and religion

3.2 Respect other players as you would be expected to be treated, not to bully or take unfair advantage of, or any threatening behaviour

3.3 Do not verbally abuse, slander, sledge – on or off the court other players and officials of the club

3.4 Deliberately distracting or provoking are not acceptable or permitted behaviours in our Club

General Competition Rules

1. Competitions

1.1. Competitions conducted by the Association shall be under the general control of the Committee of Management. Competition Secretaries are delegated authority by the Committee of Management to manage competitions in accordance with these general competition rules.

1.2. Competition information is generally made available via the Associations website www.hdta.org.au. It is every member’s responsibility to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Association by regularly accessing the website. It is also important for member to keep the Association staff advised of their current contact details (email address, mobile and home phone numbers and home address). All of these facilities will be used by the Association throughout the year to keep you informed.

1.3. Entries for all competitions shall be made on the Competition Registration Forms provided for that purpose and forwarded to the Competition Secretary at the Association office. Each form should be submitted complete with all particulars supplied and fees due by the published date to avoid disappointment.

1.4. The Competition Secretary will develop a competition draw by allocating teams/players into divisions. The overall competitiveness of teams within a division is the key criterion and will also decide the number of teams in each division. Previous competition results and grading of individual players are the main factors used to determine the competitiveness of each team.

1.5. Promotion and relegation of the leading and last placed team/player in each division will also be considered when developing a new competition draw. Changed circumstances however may influence the key criterion to maintain the completeness of teams within each division.

2. Eligibility and Responsibilities

2.1. Competitions are restricted to registered members of the Hills District Tennis Association Inc. Members are bound by the rules and by-laws of the Association & Tennis NSW. Teams playing a non-member may lose their match points.

2.2. The onus is on each team member/player and/or the designated team captain to supply all relevant information on the Competition Registration Form, pay all fees, and maintain their annual membership and to be familiar with these General Competition Rules.

2.3. Home teams are to supply at least three (3) new tennis balls (Tennis Australia approved) except for competitions where the balls are supplied and a result card.

2.4. Players are also required to lock courts/club houses before leaving at the end of each day/night match in accordance with court owners’ directions.

3. Team Format

3.1. Each team must provide the appropriate number of players for each match as follows;

3.1.1. Players included on the Competition Registration Form,

3.1.2. A player from the current Pool List for that competition as published on the website,

3.1.3. A borrowed player from another team in the same division or a lower division,

3.1.4. Other players approved by the Competition Secretary (pool player from another competition, Tennis NSW members used as a one-off in an emergency).

4. Team and Set Formats

4.1. Tuesday Night Doubles – 2 unisex players; 3 sets (first to 6 games with an advantage of 2 games). At 6 games all the set will be decided by a tiebreak game (first to 7 points with an advantage of 2 points).

4.2. Wednesday Night Doubles – 2 unisex players; 3 sets (first to 6 games with an advantage of 2 games). At 6 games all the set will be decided by a tiebreak game (first to 7 points with an advantage of 2 points).

4.3. Thursday Night Mens – 3 players; 6 sets of doubles (each set 8 games). Each team member plays 4 sets; 2 sets with each other team member. Match winner is determined by total games won. If total games are even, match winner is determined by sets won.

4.4. Saturday Afternoon Singles – 2 unisex players (seeded); match consists of 3 rubbers (2 singles rubbers & 1 doubles rubber). All sets are first to 6 games with an advantage of 2 games. At 5 games all a tiebreak game is played (first to 7 points with an advantage of 2 points). Each singles rubber is 2 sets. If either singles rubber is one set all, it is decided by a tiebreak game (first to 7 points with an advantage of 2 points). The doubles rubber is 1 set. Match winner is determined by number of rubbers won.

4.5. MyChoice Tennis – 1 unisex player; 2 sets of singles (first to 6 games with an advantage of 2 games). At 6 games all a tiebreak game is played (first to 7 points with an advantage of 2 points). If sets are shared one all, the match is decided by a SUPER tiebreak game (first to 10 points with an advantage of 2 points).

5. Toss for Choice and Change of Ends

5.1. At the beginning of the first set players should toss. The winner of the toss shall choose either to serve or receive; or choose an end.

5.2. The serve alternates between teams/players for the rest of the match. The first serve in the second and subsequent sets will be the team/player that did not serve the last game of the preceding set. In a tiebreak game, the service game is award to the team/player that serves first. The opponents will serve first in the next set.

5.3. In each set of doubles; each team may choose which player serves first. The receivers may also choose which side to receive the serve. No change of service order or receiving side is allowed during the remainder of the set.

5.4. Teams/players change ends every odd game for all competitions except those that are best of 8 games. Change of ends in 8 game sets is every 4 games. During a tiebreak game teams/players change ends every 6 points.

6. Start and End of Play

6.1. Play should commence at the designated competition start time as per competition draw.

6.2. Five minute hit ups are allowed for the first set only. Any team without a pair or player ready to play at the time set down to start shall forfeit the first set.

6.3. A further set shall be forfeited for each additional ten minutes until twenty minutes have elapsed from the designated starting time when the match shall be forfeited.

6.4. Match start times may be changed but only buy mutual agreement and with reasonable notice between players.

6.5. A forfeited set can be deferred till after the completion of all other sets provided sufficient time is available prior to the scheduled competition finishing time.

6.6. Matches should end officially at finish time as per draw but play may continue upon mutual agreement between players. A forfeit cannot be taken should a team choose to finish at the scheduled competition finishing time. Any game in progress should be completed. In competitions where lights are used they will remain on after the scheduled finish time for the safety of players to leave the court/centre, not to allow play to continue.

7. Umpiring Matches without a Chair Umpire

7.1. Each team/player is responsible for all calls on their side of the net. If in doubt, the team/player must give the benefit of the doubt to their opponent.

7.2. All “out” or “fault” calls should be made promptly after the ball has bounced and loudly enough for the opponent(s) to hear.

7.3. The server should call the score before each first serve, loudly enough for their opponent(s) to hear.

8. Tennis Attire

8.1. Every player shall dress and present themselves for play in clean and customarily acceptable tennis attire (clothing and footwear).

8.2. Clothing items deemed to be “non-tennis articles” such as dress shirts, singlets, football shorts and jumpers, walk shorts and jeans should not be worn by any player while competing in a match. Sleeveless tennis shirts are permitted which are defined as “tennis shirts without sleeves” [i.e. not singlets].

8.3. Footwear deemed to be not suitable for a tennis court such as thongs, leather shoes, football boots, dark or hard soled shoes should not be worn by any player while competing in a match.

9. Match Points

9.1. Tuesday Night Doubles – Each team receives one (1) point for each set won. Match Points total three (3).

9.2. Wednesday Night Doubles – Each team receives one (1) point for each set won. Match Points total three (3).

9.3. Thursday Night Mens – One (1) point is awarded for each set won. Two (2) points are awarded to the team with the most number of games. If games are equal then the two (2) points will be awarded to the team with the most number of sets. If sets and games are equal the two (2) points will be shared. Match Points total eight (8).

9.4. Saturday Afternoon Singles – One (1) point awarded for each set won. An additional one (1) point is awarded to the winner of each singles rubber. Two (2) points awarded to the team that wins the most rubbers. Match Points total nine (9).

9.5. MyChoice Tennis – One (1) point awarded for each set won. An additional one (1) point awarded to the player who wins two sets or the player who wins the super tiebreak game. Match Points total three (3).

9.6. Unfinished Match – Points will be shared for any unfinished sets. Points allocated for the match winner will only be awarded to a team if the unplayed or unfinished sets would have no bearing on the match result. If there is no CLEAR winner then all points allocated to the match winner will also be shared.

10. Score Cards

10.1. Result cards must be completed with full names of all players legible and signed by a player from each team

10.2. It is the winning teams’ responsibility (or home team in the event of a draw or undecided match) to leave the card at the CTC or DTC office letterbox box within 4 days of their match or points may be penalised. This will be at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.

10.3. Cards may also be faxed / scanned / emailed to Association office.

10.4. Only games played should be recorded against player’s names on the card.

10.5. Result cards for the final round of the competition & semi-finals/finals MUST be submitted within 24 hours or risk decisions that may adversely affect the teams/players.

11. Wet Matches & Match Forfeits

11.1. Home team players are responsible for checking the condition of the court and advising opposing team captain/players.

11.2. Check the Court Status on the website for latest information relative to Association courts. Refer to your draw for other court phone numbers.

11.3. If a match is called off due to wet conditions the home team should submit a result card.

11.4. If the match has not commenced each team will share the total points. If a match has started it will be treated as an unfinished match (see Match Points).

11.5. Matches cannot be transferred to another court.

11.6. A team who cannot meet their commitments for a match MUST give reasonable notice to their opponents that they forfeit the match either in part or in its entirety.

11.7. A match forfeit will only be recognised at the published competition start time. In the event that the court is unplayable such as wet weather, despite a forfeit having already been advised, the match will be recorded as a wet match.

11.8. If a team forfeits three (3) matches the Competition Secretary may consider the teams’ expulsion from the competition.

12. Late Registrations

12.1. Players’ registration in teams will remain open until the final round for each competition.

12.2. Late registered players MUST have prior grading approval from the Competition Secretary for the specified competition.

12.3. Failure to properly register a player may result in the loss of match points.

12.4. If a player is subsequently considered by the Committee of Management or Competition Secretary to be of a standard that significantly improves their teams overall standard above their current division, then relevant match points may be lost and the player’s registration in that team rejected for the duration of the current competition.

13. Pool Players

13.1. A Pool Players list will be maintained by the Competition Secretary and published on the web-site for each competition.

13.2. Teams can contact pool players any time to satisfy match commitments and their name should be recorded on the result card in the space provided.

13.3. Pool players can be called upon as often as required during round matches only.

13.4. Pool players can be used across competitions as long as the Competition Secretary is notified.

13.5. Pool players may only play in the nominated division or higher.

14. Borrowed Players

14.1. Teams may borrow players from other teams in the same division or lower during the rounds. Their name should be recorded on the result card.

14.2. Players are limited to being borrowed two (2) times by the same team.

14.3. It is preferred that teams have at least one registered team member playing a match. If no registered players are to be used, approval of the Competition Secretary is required.

15. Interrupted Matches & Substitute Players

15.1. Where a player cannot continue in a game, that game and set will be forfeited. Subsequent sets that that player was scheduled to participate in will also be forfeited unless a substitute player can be found.

15.2. If a player becomes incapacitated through injury or illness during a match, a substitute player will be allowed. This player can be either a registered team member or appropriate pool player or borrowed player. Any substitution must be clearly noted on the result card.

15.3. If the substitute player is not on hand and play cannot be continuous, each set concerned shall be forfeited unless agreement is reached between teams to wait for a qualified substitute player and within reasonable timeframe to complete the match.

15.4. In the event of play being interrupted or postponed during Semi-Finals or Finals, another qualified player may substitute when the match resumes only with the approval of the Competition Secretary.

16. Finals Qualification and Format

16.1. Players (including pool players) must be registered in the team prior to semi-final/finals matches and must have played two (2) competition rounds. Wet matches will not be considered.

16.2. The semi-final draw is usually positions 1 v 4 and 2 v 3. The two winners will play in a final.

17. Substitute player in Semi Final or Finals

17.1. Substitution in a semi-final or final match will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and beyond the control of the team and MUST have the approval of the Competition Secretary.

17.2. The substitute may come from the same division or lower and not from a team in the semi/finals.

17.3. One (1) substitute only will be permitted unless otherwise approved by the Competition Secretary.

18. Withdrawal from Competition

18.1. Should a team withdraw after the commencement of the competition all points awarded for their matches will be cancelled and a revised points table published.

18.2. This team shall within seven days from the notice of withdrawal submit a written report to the Competition Secretary detailing the circumstances that led to the team’s withdrawal.

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