Hills District Tennis Association

HDTA Junior Competition Rules

HDTA Junior Competition Rules

1.0 Eligibility and Responsibilities 
(1) This competition is restricted to registered members of the Hills District Tennis Association Inc. (HDTA) and Tennis NSW. Members are bound by the rules and bylaws of HDTA & Tennis NSW. Teams playing a non-member will lose their match points. Teams that fail to complete their competition obligations are liable for outstanding court hire fees for the balance of the competition.
(2) A member is eligible to play in this competition provided that they have not turned 18 years of age when the competition begins. Members who turn 18 years of age during the competition are still entitled to finish this competition but will be unable to enter the following competition.
(3) Home teams are to supply two (2) new tennis balls (Tennis Australia approved), a result card.
(4) Correct tennis attire must be worn at all times, including approved tennis shoes.
(5) The Website www.hdta.org.au and the junior email newsletter is sent out to convey information to members about the Association and competition. It is every member‟s responsibility to keep up to date with what‟s happening in the Association.

2.0 Number of Players per Team
(6) Each team must provide two (2) players and be registered in the team. A third member is permitted if a team wishes to do so.

3.0 Match Format
(7) A match consists of two (2) sets of singles and two (2) sets of doubles as se-tout in this Section. For the singles sets the Number 1 seeds representing a team play against each other and the Number 2 seeds play against each other. For the doubles sets the Number 1 and Number 2 seeds combine to represent the team.
(8) Each set comprises standard games 1 and a set is won by the first team to win 6 standard games with an advantage of 2 standard games. The rules for completing a standard game as set-out in Section 17.0 (What is a Standard Game) on page 6 have been developed using the „no advantage at Deuce‟ rules contained in the rules of Tennis developed by the International Tennis Federation.
(9) A 12-point tiebreak game 2 must be played to determine the winner when a set reaches 5 games all. A 12-point tiebreak game is won by the first team to win 7 points with an advantage of 2 points and must be played in accordance with the rules in Section 18.0 on page 7. Saturday Junior Competition Rules 2012 2013 Hills District Tennis Association Inc.

4.0 Player Seeding
(10) All registered players in each team must be seeded using a number system where the Number 1 seed is the highest seed. Where the Number 1 or Number 2 seed is unable to play in a match the other seeded registered players will „move up‟ as necessary. For example, where the Number 1 seed is unable to play the Number 2 seed will „move up‟ to play as the Number 1 seed and a borrowed player from a lower Division will play as the Number 2 seed.
(11) Teams can change seedings for the first three (3) matches but after the 3rd matches a player‟s seeding must be maintained for the duration of the competition, except with express approval from the Jnr. Competition Secretary. The result card for the third completed round should clearly show the seeding the team has decided upon.

5.0 Order of Play
(12) The order of play for the match and the responsibilities for the umpire and ball person shall be as follows:

Set # Set and Seeding Umpire Ball person 1 Doubles – 1 & 2 v 1 & 2 No umpire None 2 Singles – No. 1 v No. 1 No. 2 Home player No. 2 Away player 3 Singles – No. 2 v No. 2 No. 1 Away player No. 1 Home player 4 Doubles – 1 & 2 v 1 & 2 No umpire None

6.0 Start and End of Play
(13) Players should arrive at 7.45 am ready to commence play at 8.00 am or at 9.45 am ready to commence play at 10.00 am in accordance with the draw. Play must be continuous at all times. A three-minute hit-up is allowed for the first doubles set only and players, umpire and ball person should be available for the first set. Any team without a player ready to play at the time set down to start shall forfeit the first set. A further set shall be forfeited for each additional ten minutes until thirty minutes have elapsed from the designated starting time when the match shall be forfeited.
(14) Matches should end at 10.00 am where play is scheduled to commence at 8.00 am and should end at 12 noon where play is scheduled to commence at 10.00 am.
(15) Teams may agree to change the order of play to allow play to commence on time. A forfeited set can be deferred until after the completion of the last doubles set providing sufficient time is available prior to the scheduled end of play.

7.0 Service Choice or Choice of End
(16) The teams must toss prior to the match commencing and the winner of the toss shall choose an end or to serve first or to receive serve first in the 1st and 3rd sets. The loser shall choose an end or to serve first or to receive first in the 2nd and 4th sets. Saturday Junior Competition Rules 2012 2013 Hills District Tennis Association Inc.

8.0 Winning a Match
(17) The following rules apply to determining the winner of a match: (a) The team winning more “sets” than the opposition is considered the winner of the match and where both teams have won the same number of sets then the team winning the most games is considered the winner of the match; (b) Where a team wins the same number of games and sets as the opposition the match is declared a draw. With the exception of Semi Finals & Finals. See 15.30

9.0 Allocating Points
(18) The following rules apply to the allocation of match points: (a) Six (6) points are available for each match, being one (1) point for each set played and two (2) points for winning the match; (b) A team will receive one (1) point for each set the team wins and two (2) points should the team win the match; (c) Where the match is declared a draw or is undecided the two points allocated for a win will be halved and each team will receive one (1) point; (d) Where no sets can be played due to wet weather the six (6) points will be shared equally between both teams; (e) The one (1) point available for each set will be split between both teams where that set cannot be completed. (19) The following examples are provided to illustrate the rules for awarding match points: (a) A team winning four (4) sets and winning the match would receive six (6) points;  3 ½ points, being 1 point for the set won, ½ point for each of the three incomplete sets and 1 of the 2 points that were available for a team were the team to win the match.

10.0 Result Cards
(20) Result cards must be complete, legible and signed by both team captains (or designated match captain). It is the winning team’s responsibility (or home team in the event of a draw or undecided match) to ensure the card is at the CTC office/box or DTC office/box within 24 hours of completion of the match or their match points may be forfeited. Cards may also be scanned & emailed. Saturday Junior Competition Rules 2012 2013 Hills District Tennis Association Inc.

11.0 Wet Matches
(21) Team captains are responsible for checking the condition of the court. If a match is called off due to wet conditions the home captain should submit a result card. Matches cannot be transferred to another court. If the match has not commenced each team will share the 6 match points. If a match is washed out after starting and prior to a result, each team shall keep the points from the decided sets played and share the remaining set points and the 2 points awarded for a win. This is discussed in more detail in Section 9.0. (22) Both teams should attend the court unless agreed otherwise beforehand. If a court is washed out at the one centre all matches at that centre are washed out for the day. If the majority of matches are washed out on one day it is at the competition secretary‟s discretion to wash out the whole day.

12.0 Late Registrations
(23) Player‟s registration in teams will remain open for the competition. A registration form must be submitted no later than the result card for their first match. Failure to properly register a player will result in the loss of match points. If a player is subsequently considered by the Jnr.Competition Secretary to be of a standard that significantly improves their teams overall standard above their current graded division, then relevant match points will be lost and the player‟s registration in that team will be rejected for the duration of the competition.

13.0 Borrowed Players
(24) A borrowed player is a player borrowed from other teams or a player borrowed from the „pool of players‟. During competition rounds a team may borrow from other teams or from the „Pool of players‟ as required. Generally team captains should make these arrangements. Borrowed players must come from the same or a lower division, are limited to being borrowed two (2) times by the same team and must be recorded on the result card. Except in the first three rounds, players borrowed from the same division cannot have a seeding higher than the player being replaced. Players borrowed from a lower division must play as the Number 2 seed.

14.0 Substitute Players
(25) If a player becomes incapacitated through injury or illness during a match, a substitute player will be allowed. A substitute player is either a registered team member or a borrowed player. Unfinished games in a set where a player cannot continue will be forfeited. If the substitute player is not on hand and play cannot be continuous, each unplayed set concerned shall be forfeited.
(26) In the event of play being interrupted or postponed during semi-finals or finals, a substitute player may be used when the match is resumed. Any substitution during rounds or in semi-finals or finals must be clearly noted on the result card.
(27) The use of substitute players in a semi-final/final will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and after referral to the Jnr. Competition Secretary and is restricted to one (1) substitute player. If time permits the request should be in writing explaining the circumstances. The substitute player can come from the same division but not from a team in the semi final/final and the decision will be made by the Jnr. Competition Secretary or Competition Sub Committee. Saturday Junior Competition Rules 2012 2013 Hills District Tennis Association Inc.

15.0 Finals – Qualification , Format & Results
(28) Players must be registered in the team and must have played two (2) competition rounds to be eligible to play in semi-finals and finals matches. For the purposes of determining eligibility wet matches will not be considered as competition rounds.
(29) The semi-final draw is 1st versus 4th and 2nd versus 3 rd where the numbers represent the final position of a team at the end of the competition rounds. The winners of each semi final play each other in a final to determine the competition winner. All loosing semi finalists to umpire the final, at least 1 player from each team to be represented. Each player to alternate between ball boy/girl and umpiring.
(30) In the event of a draw (when games & sets are even) in semi-finals and finals a 12- point tiebreaker game (first to 7 win by2) of doubles must be played as the match decider. The team winning the tie breaker is considered the winner of the match.

16.0 Withdrawal from Competition and Match Forfeit
(31) Should a team withdraw after commencement of the competition, it will be a matter for the Jnr. Competition Secretary alone to determine a revised points table published. This team shall within seven days from the notice of withdrawal submit a written report to the Jnr. Competition Secretary detailing the circumstances that led to the team‟s withdrawal.
(32) Should a team forfeit a match or fail to meet its commitments, its opponent shall be awarded the points as for a completed match. A forfeiting team must notify their opponents as soon as it is aware that it is unable to field a team. Also, that team shall within seven days of the date of the match submit a written report to the Competition Secretary detailing the circumstances that led to the forfeit. If a team forfeits three matches during the competition, the Jnr. Competition Secretary has the power to withdraw the team from the competition.
(33) All reports received will be considered and if in the opinion of the Jnr. Competition Secretary a team has acted without reasonable cause, then the Jnr. Competition Secretary may decide at it‟s discretion a course of action in the best interest of the Association.
(34) All players in a team should attend the court at the scheduled time, unless otherwise agreed. Should one or both teams be short a player, all possible games should nevertheless be played. ie: If only one player is available a singles set can be played

17.0 What is a Standard Game
(35) Where a standard game is being played the serve alternates between players with a change of end every odd game.
(36) A replacement player can be used from our Reserve Pool list on the website or borrowed from a team who has three (3) players or from a lower division who have a bye.
(37) A standard game 3 is scored as follows with the server‟s score being called first:  No point – “Love” 3 Rules as setout in the „ITF Rules of Tennis‟ Saturday Junior Competition Rules 2012 2013 Hills District Tennis Association Inc.  First point – “15”  Second point – “30”  Third point – “40”  Fourth point – “Game”. except that if each player/team has won three points, the score is “Deuce”.
(38) Where the score is “Deuce” a deciding point shall be played. The receiver(s) shall choose whether to receive the service from the right half or the left half of the court. In doubles, the players of the receiving team cannot change positions to receive this deciding point. The player/team who wins the deciding point wins the “Game”.

18.0 What is a 12-point Tie-break Game
(39) In the case of a 12-point tiebreak game the serve alternates between players with a change of end every 6 points. During a tie-break game 4 , points are scored “Zero”,“1”, “2”, “3”, etc. The first player/team to win seven points wins the “Game” and “Set”, provided there is a margin of two points over the opponent(s). If necessary, the tiebreak game shall continue until this margin is achieved. (40) The player whose turn it is to serve shall serve the first point of the tie-break game. The following two points shall be served by the opponent(s) (in doubles, the player of the opposing team due to serve next). After this, each player/team shall serve alternately for two consecutive points until the end of the tie-break game (in doubles, the rotation of service within each team shall continue in the same order as during that set). The player/team whose turn it was to serve first in the tie-break game shall be the receiver in the first game of the following set. 

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