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April 21, 2024

Unless otherwise indicated, presume your HDTA comp/squad is ON.  Updates are only done if needed – 45mins prior to start.  For Castle Hill Tennis Academy & Dural Park Tennis coaching activities, refer to their websites for all updates

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Hills District Tennis Association


SMJ – FINALS 23rd March 2024 – Summer Comp

First mentioned purchases min. 2 NEW comp approved balls and shares cost with opposition.

ALL players report to Trish at the BBQ area (upper level) for trophy presentation at completion of match

Girls Divisions
Div 1   
G1.1 -v- G1.4
CTC court 4 at 10am
Div 2   
G2.8 -v- G2.13
CTC court 1 at 10am
Div 3   
G3.18-v- G3.20
CTC court 1 at 8am
Div 4   
G4.26 -v- G4.22
CTC court 2 at 8am
Div 5   
G5.34 -v- G 5.32
CTC court 4 at 8am
Boys Divisions
Div 1   
B1.1 -v- B1.5
CTC court 3 at 10am
Div 2   
B2.15 -v- B2.11
CTC court 2 at 10am
Div 3   
B3.21 -v- B B3.22
CTC court 8 at 10am
Div 4   
B4.24 -v- B4.28
CTC court 9 at 10am
Div 5   
B5.39 -v- B 5.38
CTC court 10 at 10am
Div 6   
B6.47 -v- B 6.45
CTC court 8 at 8am
Div 7   
B7. 50 -v- B 7.53
CTC court 10 at 8am
Div 8   
B8.62 -v- B 8.58
CTC court 3 at 8am
Div 9   
B9.67 -v- B9.69
CTC court 9 at 8am
Congratulations on making finals.
Trish Sanford – Competition Secreta
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