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April 1, 2023

Unless court status indicates otherwise, PRESUME YOUR ACTIVITY IS ON.  Notice of wash outs done approx 45mins prior to start of HDTA comps & Weds rep squad (excl Mychoice). For CHTA or Dural Park Tennis classes/activities, check Castle Hill Tennis Academy website www.chta.com.au OR for Dural Park Tennis ph: 0419 279 039

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Hills District Tennis Association

How To Set Up Tennis ID and UTR

Create a Tennis Australia Account (Tennis ID):

NOTE: *A Tennis ID is NOT a Tournament ID. Tennis ID starts with 66 and Tournament ID’s start with 61.*

Step 1: Go to matchcentre.tennis.com.au and click the ‘Register’ button.




Step 2 (OVER 15s): Click where it says ‘Don’t have an account? JOIN HERE’ and select ‘Join with Email’ (Do not join with Facebook or Google+ as there have been issues with these accounts). Fill in all the required details and create a password. Click ‘JOIN TENNIS’.


Step 3 (UNDER 15s): Click where it says ‘Don’t have an account? JOIN HERE’ and select ‘Under 15? JOIN HERE’. Fill in the required details, create a username and password which will be used to login in the future. Click ‘JOIN TENNIS’.


Step 4: Once logged in, find and copy (or write down) you Tennis ID number. This will be located under your name on your profile.

Activate and Link your UTR Rating:

Step 5: Click on the activate your UTR Rating advertisement found on the right hand side of your Match Centre profile OR go to universaltennis.com. Sign into your existing Universal Tennis account or click ‘Join’ to create one.

Step 6 (JOINING): If you are joining as a new account, you will be asked to input your Tennis ID number (which you copied or wrote down in step 4) in the sign-up process to ensure your accounts are linked correctly.


Step 7 (SIGNING IN): If you have an existing Universal Tennis account, sign in and go to your settings page (by selecting the person icon in the top right hand corner, and selecting settings). Scroll down to “Australia Users” and put in your Tennis ID.

Step 8: Scroll down to the bottom in settings and click “UPDATE”. Note you might be required to enter your current password in the appropriate field before you are able to save.

All done! Thank you.

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