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April 22, 2024

Unless otherwise indicated, presume your HDTA comp/squad is ON.  Updates are only done if needed – 45mins prior to start.  For Castle Hill Tennis Academy & Dural Park Tennis coaching activities, refer to their websites for all updates

Castle Hill


Hills District Tennis Association

How To Set Up Tennis ID and UTR

Create a Tennis Australia Account (Tennis ID) & Universal Tennis Account:

NOTE: *A Tennis ID starts with 66.*

Go to https://www.tennis.com.au/competitiveplay/create-your-cpp for steps on how to set up.

The link above will give you instructions for FOUR different scenarios and you need to select the option that applies to you:

  1.  You need a Tennis ID AND Universal Tennis account.
  2. You have a Tennis ID BUT need a Universal Tennis account.
  3. You have a Universal Tennis account BUT need a Tennis ID.
  4. You are unsure if you have either account.


All done! Thank you.

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