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January 28, 2023

Unless court status indicates otherwise, PRESUME YOUR ACTIVITY IS ON.  Notice of wash outs done approx 45mins prior to start of HDTA comps & Weds rep squad (excl Mychoice). For CHTA or Dural Park Tennis classes/activities, check Castle Hill Tennis Academy website www.chta.com.au OR for Dural Park Tennis ph: 0419 279 039

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HDTA is very proud of our representative training squads, which we have provided for junior club members for more than 20 years. Our squads are specifically designed for committed junior tennis players who participate in our weekly club competitions and receive regular coaching. Our squads are instructed by a team of fully accredited and highly qualified club coaches. 

We work with a players individual strengths and weaknesses, with particular focus on match strategy and match toughness, rather than technical stroke production/correction which they would cover with their own personal coach. We also focus on fitness, with every session providing dedicated time to increasing cardio levels through a series of workouts and footwork drills. We currently manage six rep training squads at Castle Hill and one/two development training squads at Dural, catering to players at all levels of play.

** REGISTER FOR HDTA REP SQUADS HERE (you must meet all requirements listed below)

All players are required to formally apply for squad selection and must meet all the following criteria;

  • You are participating in at least one of our current HDTA competitions and are a member of HDTA
  • You are having lessons with a qualified tennis coach
  • When ready, you are willing to participate in a Tennis Australia sanctioned junior series event/tournament
  • The top squad group at Castle Hill should be willing to represent HDTA in Tennis NSW Sydney Junior Team Tennis (SJTT) or other interclub events
  • You are committed to attend training every week with the exception of illness or injury where notification must be given
Squad Group Term 2 2021
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